Started in 2008, we are a small family run beekeeping operation. We are striving to produce the healthiest and purest honey and beehive products possible. Our operation is still in the development stages and we hope to have a steady supply of honey in the near future.

What’s NEW:

2016 has been a great beekeeping year. Even though the weather was mostly cooler, we have been lucky to get a reasonable honey crop, and the honey looks beautiful. We were also able to extract a bit earlier than in past years, and this earlier honey reflects some of the spring nectar sources.It is a bit darker in colour, but will likely lighten as the crystallization process continues. We look forwards to seeing what the rest of the harvest will be like…

Prices can be found on the Honey Sales page.

Bloom??? on the honey jars. I’ve written a paragraph about the slight discolouration of the honey on the side of the glass jars. Again it can be found on the Honey Sales page, thanks.