Started in 2008, we are a small family run beekeeping operation. We are striving to produce the healthiest and purest honey and beehive products possible. Our operation is still in the development stages and we hope to have a steady supply of honey in the near future.

What’s NEW:

Nature’s Pantry has a steady supply of our honey on the shelves, as long as it lasts!!!

2014 was a pretty good beekeeping year in the Bulkley Valley. We had a lot of warm weather but did not experience the total dry up in the fireweed as happened last year. From what has been extracted so far our honey is a bit lighter than last year with a pleasing flavour and texture. The first batch has crystallized nicely and the complexity of flavours has evolved wonderfully as it has aged a bit.

Prices can be found on the Honey Sales page.

Bloom??? on the honey jars. I’ve written a paragraph about the slight discolouration of the honey on the side of the glass jars. Again it can be found on the Honey Sales page, thanks.