Started in 2008, we are a small family run beekeeping operation. We are striving to produce the healthiest and purest honey and beehive products possible. Our operation is still in the development stages and we hope to have a steady supply of honey in the near future.

What’s NEW:

October 9th 2015: Our first batch of honey is now at Nature’s Pantry. We hope to keep honey on their shelves as long as we can again this year. Thanks for your patience to all our loyal customers.

The 2015 active bee season is coming to a successful end, though not without difficulty. Things started off well and the good start is reflected in a darker colored honey commonly associated with dandelion flowers. After all the recent rain it is easy to forget about the dry weather which put a stop to nectars coming in from the clovers and even fireweed for this year. These are usually lighter colored honeys and the main nectar sources in this area. Luckily, a bit more honey came in at the end of the year mostly from second growth alfalfa, thistle and goldenrod(also a darker honey). The late crop made it harder to prepare for the winter(which we are still trying our best to do). So, we are left with a honey slightly darker than last year that is thus far incredibly smooth and creamy.

Prices can be found on the Honey Sales page.

Bloom??? on the honey jars. I’ve written a paragraph about the slight discolouration of the honey on the side of the glass jars. Again it can be found on the Honey Sales page, thanks.